Dental implants (permanent dental prosthesis)

Dental implants (permanent teeth installation) aim to implant new metal implants in place of the teeth, by replacing damaged or damaged teeth, or to replace lost teeth, as a result of diseases that cause advanced dental damage.

Dental implants have a cosmetic and functional goal, and they replace natural teeth. And life-long, and dental implants in all cases, whether you have one or two missing teeth or a group.

Dental implants in Turkey are very developed and are known to be the cheapest and best country for dental implants. We offer all of our treatments, a hospital specializing in dentistry and jaw surgery.

How long is required to stay in Istanbul
Dental implants take place in two stages.

In the first stage, dental roots made of titanium (a precious metal) are implanted in the jaw. This stage takes one day if there are no other treatments or a large number of teeth that need implants, and in the event that the number is large or the patient needs other treatments it will extend to several sessions over more than a day.
The roots need between two to four months to heal with bone tissue and this requires us to wait for permanent crowns to be installed. That is, the patient will need to return to the hospital after two to three months. In this period, we install temporary crowns on the roots and their appearance is more like a natural tooth.
Age material and color

Crowns are made of zirconium, which is a highly rough gem and its color does not change with time, and the color of the stone is chosen to match the color of the patient's true teeth, and we use the latest technology where the color is chosen electronically by a scanner to be identical to the patient's real teeth 100 percent.

teeth medicine

In the hospital we offer the fastest dental treatments in Turkey at all, due to our great experience and because laboratories, scanning and manufacturing devices are located within the hospital where manufacturing is done in parallel with the treatment, without the need for external laboratories as in clinics and other centers.