Kaş, in the Turkish state of Antalya, is preparing for the most important diving areas in Turkey and the world at large

Kaş, Antalya Province, Turkey, the most important diving spot in Turkey and the world, is preparing to meet underwater diving enthusiasts. Scuba diving into the Mediterranean coast that Cache overlooks is expected to start this week.

Twenty-one diving boats in Cache completed their preparations to receive diving pioneers days ago, and they started waiting for underwater diving enthusiasts to travel to 38 diving areas in Antalya, while hundreds of divers prepare to return water enthusiasts to Jamal Cache, and an identical copy of the shipwreck was brought. Uluburun Shipwreck, which sank 3,000 and 308 years ago in Cache.

Also, 38 of the 50 diving points were allowed to return to work, and an Italian warplane that sank in World War II, donated by the Turkish Air Force, was placed at one of the diving points to increase suspense in the diving experience in the region. Other important and beautiful diving points include the wreckage of 47 cargo planes and tanks that were sunk at several other points two years ago.

The Kaş Underwater Eco Park diving site, set up by the Kaş Underwater Association, is a prominent dive site, as well as city ruins, symbols, underwater caves, and rare types of fish, all of which add to the charm of Cache.

"The only place without coronavirus"

"We are ready to receive divers, and we are sure that we are in the right place as the only place where the Coronavirus is not underwater. We have sterilized all our diving equipment to be hygienic, safe, and sterilized with non-harmful sterilization materials, We are ready for safe and fun diving, as we will purify both the boat environment and equipment, and we will have a personal technology to perform sterilization and disinfection work, and I think that underwater life is much better than before as it was given an opportunity for nature to breathe under the quarantine procedures. "