Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

Natural eyebrow transplant and eyebrow restoration is a procedure aimed at restoring hair growth in the eyebrow area, which requires this area to be extremely accurate at work given the importance of the eyebrows to the aesthetic appearance of the face.

Cases that require eyebrows transplantation
The absence of eyebrows hair can be one of several reasons:

Because of hereditary.
Laser eyebrow removal.
Take them off permanently.
Because of hypothyroidism or other hormonal anomalies.
Accidents due to surgery, burns or other types of accidents.
Some patients seek to restore the entire eyebrow or intensify the existing eyebrows, while others wish to expose and increase the size of the eyebrow, while others resort to the cultivation of scar and voids present in the eyebrow.

Hair implanted eyebrows come from the donor area of ​​the scalp, and it continues to grow for life, and therefore needs to be refined once a month or according to the person’s desire.

To provide a natural appearance to the implanted eyebrow, a hairy hair is transplanted, i.e. grow hair follicles containing one hair.

The process of natural eyebrows transplantation is very accurate, so the doctors in the Turkish Health and Beauty Center make a special effort where the hairs are placed perfectly and within accurate channels as possible in order not to leave any scars, and the angle of implantation of the bulb in the eyebrow is studied because it will affect the direction of hair growth Eyebrow.

FUE bulbs are extracted and the DHI bulb and planting unit is extracted, then these follicles are dissected microscopically and divided so that each follicle contains one hair.

Eyebrow transplantation is done for both men and women with the same techniques without any difference