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village is considered as a nature reserve with many unique and rare species such as plants found in the Caucasus

Tourism in Turkey is always the first choice for many tourists.

Medicals Torism:


It has become commonplace in public transportation in the Turkish city of Istanbul to see people who have performed hair transplants to deal with baldness and hair loss, especially foreign tourists who have found their condition in Turkey, given the good reputation in this sector.





The culture of "evaluation" is very important in improving the services provided to any community.
Familiarize yourself with evaluating any service provided to you; whether restaurant, hotel, customer service, company, hospital, and others
Evaluate and record your experience in detail and send it via any tool that communicates your message. Ultimately, the beneficiary is you, the owner of the service, and all members of society.

1. Check the passport, visas and entry requirements of the country you are visiting, and make sure that your passport is valid, and you must also see the entry and exit requirements for your destination.

2. Check the travel warnings through your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure the security and safety of the destination that you have previously chosen, you may need to reconsider if you find it unstable in that period.

3. If you suffer from a disease, you must take your medicine in a manner that covers the entire period of your trip, and make sure that this prescription can pass to your destination, so what is available in your country may be considered prohibited in another country.

4. Bring an additional pair of comfortable sunglasses for you and keep them in your own bag, to use in the event of loss of your luggage, as it will be difficult and costly to obtain a replacement in another country.

5. Make sure you have the necessary vaccinations for your destination, and this information can be found on the website of the embassy or consulate of that country.

6. If you are going to do shopping on your trip, you need to know what customs requirements are when you return to your country, for example the United States does not allow anything made of sea turtles to enter the country

7. Currency information is an important matter that you must know before traveling. Know the value of your currency in the country you are traveling to, and you must have some money in your destination currency so that you do not get tense and anxious when you arrive and your independence is one of the means of transportation.

8. If you plan to use your credit card while shopping or eating abroad, you will need to contact your credit card company. Find out the currency conversion fees, and alert them that you are traveling.

9. You need to know the voltage requirements if you plan to use your electronic devices in the country of travel.

10. Learn about this new country, its customs, traditions and cultures, so as not to clash with barriers such as language or public dealings when you arrive, what is wrong with your flight.

The reasons that drive people to travel vary, and many answer that he travels for fun and joy and this is a beautiful thing, but in reality we do not realize that we may benefit from traveling with many things without realizing that, we will highlight the most important levels that make travel benefits we did not know.
Psychological aspect:
In fact, travel is considered a psychological treatment for many mental illnesses, the most important of which is depression, and for this you find that the largest international companies grant their employees travel at their expense in order to provide them with greater job activity and give them a lot of energy after returning to their tasks, and this is in the interest of the company.
Traveling is also an opportunity for those who suffer from boredom, whether in places or even the faces they see every day, so it is considered an effective medicine for routine.
Social side :
Travel plays a great role in strengthening human relations between friends and family members. After the stresses of life and routine divide them, travel will be a great opportunity to consolidate the bonds of love again.
It could also be a cause of lofty relations, such as marriage, for example, and intermarriage between different peoples.
In addition to all of this, travel and wandering increases the personal experience of an individual in life by meeting different races and mindsets, customs and traditions that differ from his customs, and it also allows you to learn the language or dialect of a country.
The economic aspect:
Livelihood is in the hand of God, so your travel may be a source of your livelihood, for example, you take the idea of ​​a profitable project from a specific country and apply it in your country, or you find a shortage in the country that you visited from a product so you can manufacture it or export it from your country.
Travel also helps in commercialization, as long as you are a tourist, you will develop multiple economies in the country you are visiting.
The scientific and cultural aspect:
Travel is a good key for those who wanted to study, acquire new sciences, get acquainted and take experience as we mentioned earlier, despite the development of science and technological development that allows us to learn from a distance, but traveling for learning has a special taste and very good results.
It is also a reason for the elevation of peoples and for the formation of a sophisticated civilizational dialogue between peoples through the exchange of knowledge, for example, poetry, cooking, science and others ...

The importance of evaluating the service

Ten things you must do before traveling to any country in the world


What are the reasons that drive people to travel?


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